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Isla Montessori's Admissions Process

At Isla Montessori, we believe tha​t every child is entitled to a quality education and that early childhood education programs play a critical role in a child's development.

Before a child and his/her family are accepted, we believe that everyone involved needs to demonstrate commitment and support to one another, to Isla Montessori and to its programs  Therefore, we have listed below the steps that you need to take prior to submitting an application on behalf of your child.

    The first step in applying to Isla Montessori’s Educational Programs is to educate yourself on the Montessori philosophy and Pedagogy.  Therefore, please read  The Montessori Approach and the About, Mission and School-Parent Partnership sections of our web site.  Conducting additional research is also recommended to determine if this is the right educational style for your family.


    Prospective families are required to have a school tour and a classroom observation before enrolling their child. Appointments for tours and observations can be made through the main office telephone or email.

    The School Tour & Classroom Observation are opportunities to observe Montessori philosophy and pedagogy in action and to ask questions pertaining to the school, staff, students and curriculum.

    Applications are made available to prospective families at this time.


    All applications will be processed upon receipt of a completed application form. 


    You will receive a written response from the Head of School (HOS) regarding your family's acceptance. Families have approximately two (2) weeks to respond.  Once you notify Isla that you will enroll your child, you will pay the Registration Fee, Materials Fee and Tuition.

    If an offer for enrollment is declined for any reason by Isla Montessori or you, the application will be withdrawn. Please remember to notify the school if you change your address or phone number.


If there are no openings available in the program selected, your application will be placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted as soon as space becomes available and will then have two (2) weeks in which to enroll your child by signing a contract and paying all fees and tuition.

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