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Isla Montessori strives to blur the boundaries between our island community and institutional schooling, between community members and guides, as well as, between schools and the island neighborhoods.  We are committed to bringing the Island's cultures and history into the classroom, as well as, the classroom to the Island by utilizing a number of resources and the beautiful people of Saipan.

Isla Montessori is committed to:

  • providing an authentic Montessori education to as many children as possible, regardless of race, color, religious creed, disability. ancestry, national origin, economic status, age or gender;

  • incorporating Chamorro and Carolinian languages, traditions and arts into the classroom;

  • arranging opportunities for scientific exploration of the Island;

  • fostering Maria Montessori's vision of peace through education and educating the whole child;

  • training individuals from the local communities in the Montessori Methods, and

  • creating a Montessori school in every village

Why Isla Montessori?

At Isla Montessori, you will find an intentional, mission-dedicated community in every corner of the school, in every classroom, and in every Guide.  We are committed to the development of academics, character and our diversely rich cultures, especially the Chamorro and Carolinian cultures. 

Isla Montessori learners:

  • retain their natural love of learning.

  • have open minds; they think critically and independently.

  • resolve conflicts respectfully, actively and collaboratively.

  • value diversity and lead compassionate lives.

  • are active stewards of cultures, global resources and care for their environments for future generations.


P.O. Box CHRB 5798
Saipan, MP 96950

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In no instance will an applicant’s race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, economic status, age or gender be a factor in determining whether s/he is accepted into the school.
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