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Isla Montessori

Isla Montessori views an education as priceless and a right for every child.  We look at each child's specific needs and create a personalized curriculm that educates the whole child.  We value social and emotional education as much as acedemic.  We offer options for half day and full day tuition, as well as, afterschool enrichment programs. 

Isla is pleased to announce that we are a Childcare Development Fund (CCDF) Approved Site, which can provide assistance for our Children's House Program.  For more information about CCDF, contact them directly at 664-2575, 664-2575, 664-2578, or 664-2579.

We look forward to  getting to know you and welcoming you to our Isla family.  We offer open enrollment, so students can be accepted at any time during the year as long as space is available. 


Please download the Application Packet and return it to the School Office, email it to or mail it to P.O. Box CHRB 5798, Saipan, MP  96950. 

At Isla Montessori, we believe tha​t every child is entitled to a quality education and that early childhood education programs play a critical role in a child's development.​ Before a child and the family is accepted, we believe that everyone involved needs to demonstrate commitment and support to one another and to Isla Montessori community. Therefore, we have listed below the suggested steps to submitting an application on behalf of your child




The first step in applying to Isla Montessori’s Educational Programs is to understand the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy. Therefore, please read the              section of this website with more resources on the Montessori Method inpractice. The school mission on the home page and School-Parent Partnership below also provide guidance.  Conducting additional research is also recommended to determine if this is the right educational style for your family.

The School Tour & Classroom Observation are opportunities to observe Montessori philosophy and pedagogy in action and to ask questions pertaining to the school, staff, students and curriculum.4 Prospective families are invited to have a school tour and a classroom observation before enrolling their child. Appointments for tours and observations can be made through the main office telephone or email.

All applications will be processed upon receipt of a completed application form. 

You will receive a written response from the Head of School (HOS) regarding your family's acceptance. Families have approximately two (2) weeks to respond.  Once you notify Isla that you will enroll your child, you will pay the Registration Fee, Materials Fee and Tuition.

If an offer for enrollment is declined for any reason by Isla Montessori or you, the application will be withdrawn. Please remember to notify the school if you change your address or phone number.

WAITING LIST :  If there are no openings available in the program selected, your application will be placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted as soon as space becomes available and will then have two (2) weeks in which to enroll your child by signing a contract and paying all fees and tuition.

Our Commitment to You

  • We will get to know each individual child by learning his/her passions, strengths and challenges and helping him/her navigate through his/her social and emotional growth (Self Awareness).

  • We will help your child navigate through conflict resolutions, become an active contributor to the community and hold him/her accountable for his/her choices (Community Awareness).

  • We will assist your child in navigating his/her physical world and develop his/her understanding of how his/her decisions and lives affect the earth, the Island, and the school. (Environmental Awareness).

  • We will facilitate your child's navigation through a world which is rich with many different cultures, encouraging him/her to celebrate his/her own while respecting those of others (Cultural Awareness).

Your Commitment to the School

  • You will set clear and logical limits for your child at home which will foster his/her success in honoring limits within the broader society (Self Awareness).

  • Your child will contribute to caring for him/herself and have responsibilities that contribute to the life of your family(Community Awareness).

  • You will foster experiences and practices that respect the Island and our earth (Environmental Awareness).

  • You will set an example of respect towards all cultures and share your own with your child (Cultural Awareness)

Parent -Teacher Partnership

Self Awareness

Community Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Cultural Awareness

I Kinimitin-måmi giya hamyu 

  • Bain tingu' kada unu na påtgun ginin i ayudun-måmi anai in gigiha siha gi lina'la'-ñiha gi iyun-ñiha "social" yan "emotional growth," ya ginin esti lokkui`' ni bain tingu' i iyun-ñiha "passions, strengths" yan "challenges."  (Self Awareness)

  • Bain ayuda i patgun-miyu para u tungu' chumachalåni taimanu mañåtba ginaddun yan tikinemprendi, para u tungu' mañetbi chaddik gi kumiunidå, yan para u risponsåpbli nu i håfa inayek-ña para u cho'gui.  (Community Awareness)

  • Bain asisti i patgun-miyu gi chachalån-ña/hinanåo-ña gi tanu' ya u establesi i kinimprenden-ña put taimanu i disision-ña yan i lina'lå'-ña ha afefe'-ta i tanu', i isla, yan i iskuela. (Environmental Awareness)

  • Bain ayuda tumutuhun i chachalån-ña/hinanåo-ña i patgun-miyu gi tanu' ni' guaha meggai na klåsin kuttura, anai siña ha silebra i kutturå-ña yan gi mismu tiempu u rispeta i kutturan i ottru. (Cultural Awareness)


I Kinimitin-miyu giya hami 

  • Na in na'guaha klåru yan risunåpbli na areklamentu gi gima' ni siña i patgun ha honra i areklamentu gi halum i "broader society." (Self Awareness)

  • Na i patgun u gaipatti gi idanahi-ña nu guiya yan u guaha risponsibilidåt-ña manayuda gi lina'la' i familiåm-mu. (Community Awareness)

  • Na in ayuda muna'guaha ikspirensia yan cho'chu' ni ha rispepeta i isla yan i tanu' iniråt. (Environmental Awareness)

  • Na in na'guaha mudelun rispetu kontra todu kuttura siha ya in na'lå'la' i kutturan-miyu lokkui' gi i pagun-miyu. (Cultural Awareness

Yáámem Apelúghúgh Ngálúgh

  • Ai bwe reepiya alongéér áát lóll yaar akkabwu me reepiya mille ebwe ghatch ngaliir reel yaar re bwe ghuleey me reepiya meeta iye e bwe ghatch ngáli yaar fárágh ló mmwal. (Self Awareness)

  • Ai bwe alisi áte iye loomw yaal essóbw weires lóll yaal mweteló mmwal me e bwe reepiya meeta e bwe fééri leir towlap e bwe fééri me lóll tipal.  (Community Awareness)

  • Ai bwe alisi loomw yaal mwóghut reel e bwe fééri me wóól falúw e bwe reepiya meeta tipal reel malawal me iye essobw ghula sumwaay me wóól falúw me lóll immwal meteitei.  (Environmental Awareness)

  • Ai bwe abwúngú áte iye loomw e bwe reepiy me mweteló mmwal wóól alongal kkool falúw me e bwe awóóy kkoor bwal aramasal wóól ééw falúw.  (Cultural Awareness)

Yóómw Apélúghúgh Ngáli Gakko

  • Yeel u bwe affata meeta áát iye loomw e bwe fééri me essóbw fééri lóll iimw bwe e bwe fééri mille e  bwung me e bwe abwári ngáliir aramas towlap. (Self-Awareness)

  • Loomw áát e bwe abwári bwe e bwe fééri yaal responibilidad me e bwe abwári ló ngáliir familia. (Community Awareness)

  • Yeel u bwe tepengi me alléghúw meeta yaar féfféér me yaal a wóówó wóól ngáli falúw. (Environmental Awareness)

  • Yeel u bwe fééri me abwáári ngáli awóówó kka e bwúng me loll alongal kko me e bwe reepiya igha e schuwel olighát schagh. (Cultural Awareness)

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