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​I Prugråman I Iskuelan Isla Montessori

Programal Isla Montessori

Whether your child is two or nine years old, (s)he has already embarked on a path of learning many great lessons:  those that are traditionally academic and those that will nurture and shape each child's understanding of his/her own significance.  Rich academic and culturally diverse curriculum, highly skilled and compassionate Guides, a creative and supportive school community, and the joy of children thriving in this gorgeous island environment make Isla Montessori unique!

From Primary (PreK-K) through Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade), Isla Montessori provides curricula and classrooms that balance academic learning with social and emotional development.  Classrooms are specifically prepared environments that promote children's independence and individuality while fostering their natural love of learning.  When it comes to a child's growth at Isla Montessori, the learning process is as critical as the educational content.


At Isla Montessori, you will find an intentional, mission-dedicated community in every corner of the school, in every classroom, and in every Guide.  We are committed to the development of academics, character and our diversely rich cultures, especially the Chamorro and Carolinian cultures. 


The Stairs - Horizontal

Children's House

Ages 2½ - 5 years old

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Lower & Upper


Lower Elementary First - Third grade

6 - 9 years old

Upper Elementary Fourth - Sixth grade

10 - 12 years old

retain their natural love of learning


ma susteteni i guinaiyan-ñiha para u fan manungu


Isiis akkáfischil areepi

have open minds; they think critically and independently


man"open minds," manmanhahassu "critically" yan indipindensia


Susul mángámáng bwe re mángámáng lóllóól

resolve conflicts respectfully, actively and collaboratively


ma såsatba i ginaddun kun rispetu, listu yan mana'såsåonåo i ottru


Essóbw yoor awóówó iye engów me re bwe fééri

féngálii mille e ghatch

are active stewards of cultures, global resources and care for their environments for future generations


man"active stewards of culture, global resources," yan manyoddahi gi håfa guaha gi uriyan-ñiha gi tanu' kosa ki para u mana'guaguaha ha' para i manmamaila na hinerasion


E bwe alléghúw me ayoora kko, me meeta iye e yoor wóól falúw bwe amweliir ate kka re kke tooto mmwal

value diversity and lead compassionate lives.


ma na'gaibali i "diversity" yan manggai"compassionate lives


Allégh tumwógh me

lingil lollol melaw

Isla Learners...

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