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Meeta Isla Montessori

Isla Monterssori e aschooscho e bwe a úúwló máng-ngaw lepetal aramasal falúw ngali immwal meleitei me e bwe apayú efaisúl re bwe schuu aramasal falúw me aramasal falúw ka wele-arol. Re akkapal bwe re bwe bwughi sefááli kkool falúw me yaal titilipal lóómw lóll imwal meleitei me re bwe ayoora mille e yoor wóól falúw re bwe fééri me yááliir aramasal Seipél.

Isla Montessori e apelúghúw bwe:

  • e bwe fééri yaal allúgh Montessori education ngáliir olighát e se lifil me ngáre schóól lúghúl, kulod, yaal lúghúlúgh, e se bwáng, rághil, me ngáre i mwáál me ngáre i schóóbwut,

  • e bwe ayoora kkapasal Chamorro me Refalúwasch yaar kko me lóll imwal meleitei,

  • e bwe fééri mille re bwe toowow akkabwugh me re ghuley meeta kka e yoor ngali wóól falúw,

  • amalawata schighar yaal Maria Montessori aweewe ebwe yoor lóll education me ameleiteil ngáliir olighát,

  • e bwe ayoora training ngaliir aramas me lóll sóóbw yaal Montessori Methods, me

  • e bwe ayoora immwal meleiteil Montessor me lóll alongal sóóbw me lóll apilómw.

Why Isla Montessori?

At Isla Montessori, you will find an intentional, mission-dedicated community in every corner of the school, in every classroom, and in every Guide.  We are committed to the development of academics, character and our diversely rich cultures, especially the Chamorro and Carolinian cultures. 

Isla Montessori learners:

  • retain their natural love of learning.

  • have open minds; they think critically and independently.

  • resolve conflicts respectfully, actively and collaboratively.

  • value diversity and lead compassionate lives.

  • are active stewards of cultures, global resources and care for their environments for future generations.


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